Everything in nature is sufficient for us to be healthy, and if we do fall ill, everything in nature is sufficient for us to become healthy again. If this were not the case, then we would not exist.

About the green lifestyle. About the superiority of food produced using green or organic methods over food produced using intensive technological methods from a medical and biochemical viewpoint. About how people should not die from diseases but should leave this world when the energy in their cells has expired. How can this be achieved?

In a similar way to a school mathematics problem, let's analyze what we have been given and what we need to achieve as a result. We have been given the earth, the sun, air, water, as well as part of the flora and a small part of the fauna. With all this, we should be happy, joyful, and healthy. We should work, raise children, and pass on our experience. As a result, the number should be at least 100 years of life or more, maintaining a clear mind.

Health begins in nature that is barely touched, in soil that has not been destroyed by humans, in educating children and their parents. Health rather ends than is recovered in doctors' offices and pharmacies. As funny as it may sound at first, medicine should be preventive and informative, and this should be the concern of the Ministry of Climate and Energy, as well as the Ministry of Agriculture, but especially the Ministry of Education, whereas the failures of these ministries should be corrected by the Ministry of Health, speaking in analogies, organizing fire safety is much more advantageous than extinguishing fires.

State officials responsible for health complain that it is difficult to define what is healthy and what is unhealthy food, saying that it is a very broad concept. Hopefully, this collection of information will reduce general and pointless speculation in the media and help understand the causes of diseases, as well as find a way to health.

People who have true knowledge, who understand the physiology and biochemistry of their organism, are not afraid of getting sick. A person becomes the master of their organism, fate, lifestyle, and health.

The EU spent 700 billion EUR annually until the pandemic on eliminating the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle. Economists have calculated that doing something for health before something happens to a person is 7 times more cost-effective than afterwards.

For relaxation, it includes about 1300 of my original HD quality photos (1920×1080) and (2560×1440) px. May you be delighted by the barely touched nature of Latgale, as well as all of Latvia! Moreover, without intrusive ads!

In summary, analyzing and systematizing this huge amount of information, I have avoided naming specific food brands because my goal is neither to create hidden advertising nor to criticize a specific product of a producer. In the development process of this project, an effort was made to adhere to the principle: above all, to put the general interests of society first, even if they do not coincide with the economic interests of a beekeeper or someone else, unequivocally and openly defending the foresighted 'green thinking'.

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This website ‘’EcoMedicine’’ is dedicated to beekeeping products and ecomedicine, that is, the science of healing without drugs, instead providing knowledge about the mechanisms and causes of diseases, and thus their cure.

While information about beekeeping products can be found in the Latvian mass media, there is very little and fragmented information about ecomedicine.

Many will immediately object that I should not talk about medicine because I do not have a higher medical education. Yes, I do not have it, and I am not allowed to prescribe treatment. However, I have a higher engineering education and am used to thinking logically, evaluating the credibility of available information, and I am independent of the pharmaceutical industry. Compared to doctors, I do not have a certificate that can be revoked for disobedience.

I am troubled by the question - how can one cure without a deep understanding of biochemistry, biophysics, dietetics, biology. I say this because such fields of knowledge are almost not included in the doctor training program, the main composer of which, looking after its selfish interests, is the pharmaceutical industry with its immense financial possibilities, and which has made doctors distributors of its products. In contrast, from the perspective of ecomedicine, a doctor should primarily be a health educator, overseeing compliance with natural laws. Unfortunately, the opposite is happening – attempts are made to deceive nature with the help of medication. It is so that the pharmaceutical industry finances medical education, the pharmaceutical industry also teaches how to treat, resulting in never before in human history have there been so many drugs and so many chronic diseases. Chronic diseases are not contagious, cannot be prevented with vaccines, develop gradually, last a long time, and never go away by themselves.

To understand the processes occurring in the human body, medical knowledge alone is unfortunately not enough. These processes are related to the surrounding environment and the entire ecosystem, in which humans are one link. There are thousands of interdependent biochemical reactions. All of this cannot even be comprehended by the human mind. These interaction mechanisms are more complex than any computer program. The human body copes with problems on its own because it is programmed to strive for health, not illness.

The main idea presented on this website is not new; it was expressed by the father of medicine, Hippocrates, who said that food should be medicine and medicine should be food. In the last and the century before that, this was detailed by the founders of ecomedicine, American doctors and biochemists such as Paul Bragg, Norman Walker, Herbert Shelton, Arnold De Vries, Swiss doctor biochemist and dietitian Maximilian Bircher-Benner. I have familiarized myself with the insights of such luminaries as American scientist nutrition biochemist Colin Campbell, American scientist doctor-dietitian and microbiologist Robert Young, American dietitian and cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Steven R Gundry MD, Russian Doctor of Medical Sciences psychiatrist Yuri Nikolayev, Russian academician Alexander Ugolev, and many others.

Similarly to what is outlined on this website, the America-based Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, which unites about 150,000 members, also thinks in this direction. These are doctors who do not receive money for medical research; they do it without compensation because they believe honor and conscience are above all. I have also been inspired by the documentary films of the eminent English naturalist David Attenborough.

Many will probably criticize me for not referencing scientific studies. It's not just because the list would be extraordinarily long, but because it's not always known who funded these studies. Unfortunately, not all scientists are honest. Relying on pseudo-scientific studies that flood the modern information space is very dangerous. If there is no reliable information about the commissioners and financiers of the studies, the credibility of these studies is minimal. This is also the most common explanation for why the results of studies on the same topic often are diametrically opposed. In such a situation, one has only to think for oneself, compare, analyze, and draw conclusions.

To acquire and systematize such knowledge, I needed many years of intensive reading and listening to informative materials from the most varied sources. Today's mass information space is overcrowded with information about health problems. There is a lot of talk about how to be healthy, unfortunately, only a small part of this information is useful. Without systematizing information, informational chaos is created. Who benefits from this is not hard to guess.

You may have noticed that both online and in print, nearly every piece of information about health is accompanied by advertisements for drugs or medical services related to the topic. Such advertisements are often the main source of income for media writing and speaking on health topics. Not even public media refuse advertisements. Logically, the advertiser is hardly going to be happy about anti-advertising. Here is the answer to those who wonder why health problems are not discussed in the media from the perspective presented on this website ‘’EcoMedicine’’. With the information presented

here, I want to encourage people to analyze the essence of things logically, not always blindly believe what doctors say, especially in mass media supported by the pharmaceutical industry. One should think about how to trust the most precious thing, one's health, to those who cannot manage their own, as modern medics are even more ill than their patients.

It's not that no one understands anything; most doctors sense the futility of their work. However, the existing system that strictly regulates everything has set iron frames for doctors - this way and no other, otherwise lawsuits or even the annulment of a doctor's certificate. When you add the possible bonuses from the pharmaceutical industry, it's very hard to "go against the stream" in such a situation.

The information presented on this website is very inconvenient and even dangerous for many. It makes people independent of doctors, pharmacies, medicines; it changes people's thinking, making them harder to manipulate. There is no doubt that this information will be challenged by meat producers and processors, dairy product manufacturers, bakers, confectioners, beverage producers, conventional grain growers, loggers, and many, many others. Even some beekeepers, who have placed their apiaries in conventional agricultural fields, will not like this information, not to mention the pharmaceutical industry with its immense influence. However, the most paradoxical thing is that even those who could greatly benefit from such knowledge will try to dispute it, akin to blaming the mirror for not liking one's face, because there is a part of people who always blame someone else (doctors, medicines, bad products, etc.) for their problems, only not themselves. It is very difficult to give up traditions and harmful habits with narcotic-like action features, especially if they have formed over a lifetime. Therefore, to justify oneself, so to speak, for one's peace of mind, any argument will do.

Regardless of how uncomfortable this information may be for some, ignoring it will not solve any of the pressing societal problems - COVID-19, health, demography, education, and ultimately also prosperity and defense, because everything is interconnected.

By learning the knowledge presented on this website, you will be able to understand your problems faster, thereby saving time getting to the respective specialist. The conversation with this doctor about solving health problems will also be much more constructive.

The website ‘’EcoMedicine’’ is more a charity than a business project. There are no advertising banners, no sponsors, and donations are not collected. The only financial support for its maintenance and development is the produced beekeeping products, so by choosing to purchase the offered beekeeping products, this project, which is so needed in the current situation for the whole society, will also be supported.

It is not about believing someone, but about knowing and understanding!
If this knowledge has helped, I invite the reader to share it with others. This will be the best help in avoiding health problems. Educating the society on how to be truly healthy is the only chance for the nation and the state to survive in the long term, so think for yourself, analyze, and seek clarity, rather than blindly believing anyone, including the information provided on this website.