This website MEDUSMAIZE is dedicated to one of 10 “top” products in the world (the most useful for human health) - beekeeping products. Water is in the first place of a list of 10 “top” products. We will speak about it as well. And not only.

On the superiority of the green food, which is produced by using biological methods, over the food, which is produced by using intensive technologies, from a medical point of view. About the long existence on this earth, that is, about the green lifestyle. The fact that people should not die from the diseases, but to leave this world, when the cellular energy is over. How to achieve this?

We will analyse what we do we have and what we should achieve in the form, which is similar to assignment in mathematics. We have been given land, sun, air, water as well as part of the flora and a small part of fauna. With all this we should be happy, joyful and healthy. We should work, educate our children and pass on our experience. As a result, we should live for 100 years and more.

In order to achieve this, many people are actively engaged in sports activities, other people are diligently using different “miracle agents”, which are advertised by pharmacies, there are also those who have turned to beekeeping products. There are rawatarians and vegetarians. Someone is practicing also fasting. Other people are taken away with a certain diet, and the number of such diets is measured in the hundreds. Many right and useful things may be highlighted. But there is one BUT - everything should be comprehensive and simultaneously. That is, water, food, movement and clearance – simultaneously. And in those places in the world, where such style of life is arranged, people do not know about popular diseases. However, often they are poor, they live up to 120 years and die, when the cellular energy is over, instead of dying from the disease. Therefore, the word “simultaneously” has a special meaning on the website MEDUSMAIZE. Otherwise, it’s not worth speaking about the benefits of beekeeping products, not understanding the mechanisms of the health technologies.

Responsible government officials of the health care industry are complaining that it is difficult to give a definition of the healthy and unhealthy food, because this concept is supposedly very loose. Hopefully, the consolidation of information on the subject will reduce the demagogical considerations in the mass media and will help understand the causes of diseases, as well as find the way to health.

The EU spends 700 billion EUR for the elimination of the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle every year. Economists have estimated that doing something for health while the person is healthy is 7 times more profitable than treating the disease. Hopefully, here, on the website MEDUSMAIZE, you will find useful information on how what to do in order to stay healthy.

About 1,000 of my original pictures of HD quality (1920 × 1080) and (2560 × 1440) px are presented for relaxation. Let the little affected nature of Latgale make you feel good! And without advertising banners!

There is the attempt to adhere to the principle: to place the interests of the consumer above all other things, even if they do not coincide with the economic interests of the beekeeper or a doctor, while clearly and openly defending “green mode of thinking”, i.e. long existence on this Earth.


About «Medusmaize».
If you do not have enough time to read thick books and listen to long lectures on health, and if you do not like to be sick, and you do not want to pay for treatment, if you always want to be full of energy and are ready to live an active and long life, this website will be like a honey bread for you. About the beekeeping products and green lifestyle. About health and diseases in a language, which is understandable for a wider audience. All this in one place. With a complete translation into Russian and English languages.
Diseases are different, the way back is similar.
On the most popular diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, oncology, diabetes, hypoxia, etc. On the mechanisms of their occurrence. Also on the way back to health, which is sensationally similar. The cells require the nutrients, water and oxygen. If you also are concerned about the absence of toxins, the body will be able to cope with the problems by itself.
Biological age.
There is a biological graduation of electronegativity in the body. Cell membrane is charged more negatively in relation to the interstitial fluid, cell cytoplasm is charged more negatively in relation to the membrane. The cell nucleus is relatively charged in relation to cytoplasm. If all this is subjected to the exposure of the electric field of alternating current, it will be possible to see “dances” relative to each other under the microscope. If the cell nucleus “is not dancing”, this indicates that the cell is not fulfilling its biological functions. The most interesting fact is that the number of “not dancing” cell nuclei is strictly corresponding to the biological age of the body. That is, the greater the proportion of such nuclei is, the greater is the biological age. In fact, it is the most accurate method of determination of the aging of the body, or the method of determination of the biological age. What should be done for the cells to “dance” as longer as possible, how to extend the “biological youth”? This is the main topic of the website “Medusmaize”.
It is better to eat less, but more qualitative food.
It has been studied that only 5% of our food is assimilated by the body. This means that 95% goes to waste and generates toxins. The body should use a huge amount of the energy of cells in order to neutralize toxins and remove waste. The vicious circle is formed: the cells need nutrients - you want to eat - the more you eat - all the worse it is assimilated - the more cells are starving – and you are hungry again. As a result, the body is wearing out rapidly, which means aging. Conclusion – it is better to eat less but more qualitative food. On the fact that the food, which is produced by biological methods, and is not killed by heat treatment and preservatives, is much better than the food, which is produced by using intensive technologies. On the kinds of biologically active products, which do not generate toxins in the body, and are produced by bees. On these and many other issues on the website «Medusmaize».
Uneducated society can be easily manipulated.
Uneducated society is a very compliant material for manipulation – just advertise something and people will rush to buy. For example, frighten people will cholesterol, and they will run to buy cholesterol-lowering drugs. Tell that the residues of herbicides and insecticides in acceptable quantities in food are not dangerous to health, and people will confidently use them. Pharmaceuticals industry with industrial food producers gains a large profit from the fact that the society is uneducated. The reality is that there are no harmless poisons, they just have a faster or slower effects. This does not affect the result. So do not allow to be manipulated, educate yourself! I hope that you will find a lot of useful information on this website.

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