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I have a higher engineering  education (technical). I started working with bees in 1983, although beekeeping is not my primary occupation. I have 15 years of experience in beekeeping, without feeding the bees sugar in the autumn, getting through the winter on honey alone. Of course, this also involved breeding work with queen bees.

In 2003, in cooperation with designers from a local electric tool factory, I developed a technology for obtaining bee bread, subsequently abandoning the collection of pollen, as bee bread is significantly more valuable for the human body.

Since 2006, recognized as a food packaging company by the PVD (Food and Veterinary Service).

In 2013, I developed a technology for dissolving propolis in water (altering the properties of water).

In 2018, I mastered the technology to uniformly incorporate propolis into honey.

Over several years, by participating in various beekeeper gatherings and using various sources of information, I have regularly collected and compiled information about bees and how they can benefit humans.

To address the lack of knowledge in society about beekeeping products, I launched the first version of this website MEDUSMAIZE (transl. as HONEYBREAD), at the beginning of 2008, later gradually revising and expanding it based on feedback from visitors.

If I said that beekeeping products could solve almost all health problems, that would be incorrect. Therefore, in 2011, to better understand the significance of beekeeping products, I expanded this website further in the context of the importance of consuming health-friendly food and living a healthy lifestyle. Over several years, a vast amount of information, including scientific data, has been collected, analyzed, filtered, and organized, selecting the most important and relevant information and presenting it in a language as understandable as possible to a wide audience, while maintaining medical terminology.

In 2019, I transformed this website into ECOMEDICINE, and it acquired its current form. The information about beekeeping products did not disappear; rather, it gained an even broader perspective.

In March 2021, I completed a full revision of the previous version of the ECOMEDICINE website, significantly enriching it with new information, while partially retaining its previous form.

I must admit, if many years ago I had come across such a compilation of information as is presented on this website, my attitude would have been very skeptical, even though I read a lot and was interested in such topics back then. It took several years and life experience before I began to understand what is what. Even now, I am very cautious and skeptical about unverified sensational information.

However, someone has to say that if more than 90% of the current society continues living this way, they are blindly heading towards a dead end. I do not want to diagnose anyone; I want to say that it is possible to live in a way that avoids reaching a dead end.

As history shows, progress in development is driven by those who think differently. Existing powers have never respected such people. For example, claims that the Earth is round were met with burning at the stake. Today, in some neighboring countries, expressing a different opinion can lead to imprisonment and beatings. It could be said that I, too, am a thinker outside the box, as in the early '80s, I openly predicted the collapse of the Soviet economy, although as a result, I suffered (for spreading anti-Soviet views). In the '90s, I actively participated in the awakening process.

Gradually delving deeper into the topic of a healthy lifestyle, I have for several years been predicting catastrophic consequences if society is not educated more intensively about a healthy lifestyle at a much more serious level. The Covid-19 epidemic has shown the seriousness of this issue and how weak the health potential is for the majority of society.

Unfortunately, I get the impression that many local mass media, respecting the interests of advertisers or following certain instructions, act in opposition to the view presented on this website on how to avoid illness and maintain health. I hope that what I have done will help to some extent to stir this topic.

It is possible that reading the section "My Opinion" might give someone the impression that what is written is naive fantasy and idle speculation. Unfortunately, no one can change or circumvent the laws of nature, based on mathematics, biophysics, and biochemistry, the conclusion is what it is.

On the ECOMEDICINE website, all the articles and photographs posted in the "Albums" section are original. I am the author of these photographs. I have carried out the technical process of developing the site myself. This labor-intensive project was completed without sponsors or any hidden economic interests in perspective. I believe this endeavor is a mission, not a commercial project. If this information and these ideas have helped anyone to make sense of this information-saturated era, I will consider that I have achieved what I hoped for. I would be grateful for suggestions and criticism, which you can send to my email: 34gmail

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                         About the project Ecomedicine

Why am I developing this project, ECOMEDICINE?
The fact that in the 90s we prided ourselves as the second greenest country in the world, only surpassed by Switzerland, does not leave me indifferent. Today, we have sharply fallen in this global ranking, landing in the fourth decade alongside countries like Turkmenistan and Albania. Among EU countries, we have become leaders in the rapidity of nature degradation. The only thing limiting even faster degradation is EU regulations and requirements regarding nature conservation and preservation. The funding allocated to the Nature Conservation Agency can only be described as 'starvation rations.' People work there mainly on the basis of enthusiasm. In contrast, the biggest destroyers of nature - loggers and large conventional grain growers, who receive generous subsidies, are in a diametrically opposite situation. They can afford pseudo-experts or 'talkers' to mislead the public and influence the respective government decisions.

If next to large populated areas, with the help of residents' protests and pickets, it is occasionally possible to save biologically valuable forests and other biotopes, in remote areas the situation is very sad.

If this continues and the advice given on this website regarding human health and related fertility, which cannot be solved just by increasing the health budget and social support, is ignored; if a deeper demographic pit forms that we try to fill with migrants from exotic countries, our ancestors' centuries-old dream - Latvia will be through.


How did this project ECOMEDICINE come about?
Recalling the distant 80s, when I was still a student at the Railway Engineering Faculty in Saint Petersburg, I had serious health problems, including with my back. It was difficult for me to cross the street. The prescribed medications did not help. There was even a discussion with high-level medical specialists about a possible disability. At that time, I had nothing to do with medicine, my knowledge of health was only what had been acquired at school. Since I did not want to reconcile with the threatening fate, I began to take an interest in medicine, trying to understand the mechanisms of disease development. I read a lot of health-related books and magazines available at the time. It was quite a curiosity when, on a train, I accidentally started talking about a medical topic I was immersed in with a fellow passenger. In the end, when I mentioned that I was not a doctor, he, being a doctor, was greatly surprised.

I became increasingly interested in this topic. Over the years, I have acquired vast amounts of information. I have verified the value of this information on myself. As a result, many health problems are long forgotten. The only thing I occasionally buy in pharmacies for the home medicine cabinet are necessary items - gauze bandages, iodine, and hydrogen peroxide, as accidents can happen. That's all. People like me hardly make the pharmaceutical industry any money. I also do not visit clinics, except for the mandatory health check-up sent by the employer. I do not get vaccinated or undergo examinations. The exception is dentists, the consequences of my youth make themselves felt, unfortunately, I did not have this knowledge back then. I understand that such an admission will not thrill representatives of official medicine, but I do not encourage anyone to follow my example. I urge not to believe anything blindly, but to think and analyze for themselves.

My workplace sent me to another mandatory medical check-up related to the specifics, that is, a great responsibility at work. It is the most stringent medical examination, with various specialists. For those working on the railway who have reached retirement age, passing such an examination was a huge problem, hence the reduced retirement age. The doctors who finally gave the conclusion spent a long time studying my test results and could not understand how it could be for someone of retirement age, who had worked in this profession all his life: blood pressure ideal, cardiograms and all tests normal, not a single parameter had the slightest problem. The section on the website ECOMEDICINA is dedicated to how to achieve this. I hope that the information posted there will help many people avoid tragedies that could be prevented or even avoided.


We don't need much
Every day, the mass media laments about poverty, yet often we do not appreciate that in Latvia, we still have fields not destroyed by conventional agriculture, which no longer exist in the wealthy "lands of happiness" where many of our compatriots have fled. I believe we should rejoice at every field overgrown with deciduous trees that has not been plowed. It is a great wealth for future generations. It means that deciduous trees with their roots will bring up the microelements we need from several dozen meters deep, that is, revive the soil destroyed by conventional agriculture. I remind you that more than 65 macro and microelements are necessary for the normal functioning of the human body, and moreover, in a water-soluble colloidal or organic form. If the intestinal tract is in order, the organism, along with the symbiotic microflora of the intestines, can synthesize all 28 amino acids, vitamins, and fatty acids. The only thing it cannot synthesize is macro and microelements. They must be obtained with food.

These substances in organic form are contained in various wild plants, unless they have been destroyed with herbicides, such as couch grass, dandelion, nettles, dandelions. Nature has placed everything we need under our feet; we just need to know what to take, and there will be no need to go to the pharmacy.

The greater the diversity of plants, the more valuable each plant individually becomes. For example, it is well known that forest berries are more valuable than garden berries grown as a monoculture. Nature is arranged so that plants, fungi, and even animals help each other. For example, in the forest, trees supply fungi with polysaccharides, while fungi supply trees with natural antibiotics that protect them from bacterial diseases. Nature has thousands of measurable synergistic relationships that are hard for the human mind to grasp and impossible to artificially replicate.

Unfortunately, people do not understand that they have chosen the least efficient way of obtaining protein - meat (muscle tissues of slaughtered animal carcasses). Things need to be called in the right words! It is known that more than 80% of the world's grown grains end up as livestock feed. To produce it, forests are cut down, the soil is greatly depleted, and the ecosystem is disrupted. It is claimed that meat is a rich source of protein, although even a cucumber has more protein than meat if you take the dry residue (remove the water).

I believe that a person does not need to consume a certain amount of protein per day, as nutritionists claim. Looking at the chemical formulas of amino acids, it is evident that they consist of 5 chemical elements - hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur - all of which are part of the air we breathe. It turns out that we need to eat to feed the symbiotic microflora (good bacteria), which in turn will feed us by synthesizing amino acids. To do this, about 65 macro and microelements are needed, as well as energy. They are found in plants, provided that the surrounding soil contains about 90 or more microelements, almost everything that is in the Mendeleev periodic table of chemical elements.

There are even calculations that to obtain the necessary amount and diversity of nutrients from today's food, produced with intensive technologies and mainly used daily, one would have to eat 50 kg per day, which is physically impossible.

According to specialists' estimates, with the current food circulation, we assimilate only 5% of what we eat. This means that we need much less, but the quality is important. The diet must contain all the necessary biologically active substances, and at the same time, it must not excessively pollute the body.

There are more than 300 different diets in the world, but it must be understood that humans as a species have their own specific basic diet - fruits. The only problem is that relying on fruits saturated with pesticides and containing a large amount of sugar, which are available in supermarkets, is dangerous. A human is neither a herbivore, a grain-eater, nor a carnivore. Grass, grains, and meat are just a reserve option for survival during extreme hunger periods. Nature did not intend for anything to be fried, boiled, stewed, etc. Drinking is intended for water and nothing else, just like for the other 96 thousand species on the globe.


Will people become healthier by increasing the health budget?
I understand that the information posted in the section ECOMEDICINE is contrary to the interests of the global economy. Such public education is unlikely to please the pharmaceutical, chemical food industry, and large retailers, which are the main advertisers in commercial mass media. It is naive to hope that they will sacrifice their economic interests, even though they might quietly think similarly.

Unfortunately, official medicine often relies on its postulates, dogmas, and pseudo-scientific studies, that is, it follows the research of 'bought' scientists, those who have 'sold out' to pharmaceutical and industrial food production corporations. With such a system, work is guaranteed for everyone, and no one thinks that it should be different, that is, not to get sick and die not from diseases, but from old age. This was the case a century and a half ago in the recent past; centenarians were found in every village. Only for understandable reasons, this topic is not much discussed now. For official medicine, it would be a tragedy if people did not get sick practically until the age of 80. When I asked a question to a high-ranking Latvian official responsible for the health sector - how would the annual statistics of new cases of popular diseases (cardiovascular diseases, oncology, diabetes, etc.) change if a miracle happened and the health budget was tripled. There was silence, and then the answer - nothing would change. That was at least an honest answer, thanks for that. From this answer arises a logical question: how can this dismal statistic be influenced in another way? I have tried to provide an answer to this question on the website ECOMEDICINA.

I assume that I will receive accusations and criticism for what I have done, but I firmly remain of the opinion that it is not possible otherwise, except to live in harmony with nature."                                                                                                                                  

                                                                                                    Jānis Pentjušs